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January 2010



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Jan. 14th, 2010

red glove

(Secret) Agent Man

So the agent I mentioned last week, who said he'd get back to me in a night or two, finally got back to me earlier today.

He hasn't finished the book yet, but he said he liked what he'd read so far, was still interested, and was going to continue reading tonight.

I'd been having a blah day up until I got that news. I was climbing the stairs leading out of the subway tunnel, and pulled out my phone to find that I had two new emails. I opened my email, and saw his name, and my heart about dropped into my knees. I had the 3G turned off my phone to help preserve battery, so it took forever for the page to load (in reality only like 45 seconds, but long enough for every possibility to flash through my mind). I was so anxious, that I couldn't even bring myself to cross the street. So there I am, standing on the street corner, the sign flashing walk, people bumping into me as they go around me, and I'm staring at my phone like it's going to tell me the date of the apocalypse.

What it actually told me was not quite apocalypse magnitude-- but certainly big news, and good news at that!

Jan. 6th, 2010

red glove

Doing your part is actually quite easy....

(No News on the agent hunt yet, believe me, I'm going out of my mind. Why couldn't he have not given me a date, and then just surprised me with his response a few days later)

Forgive me for a second, while I jump on my soap box.


It's a search engine, powered by Yahoo, that donates money to a non-profit of your choice every time you search. It's simple, it's free, it's easy. Why not help an organization out? The amount of donation is two cents per search. I know that seems like very little, but when combined can be quite powerful. There are many organizations who've raised thousands of dollars with goodsearch, (even as much as $30,000 for one).

Everytime you search you could donate to Save Darfur, ASPCA, Your local college, your favorite non-profit arts organization, and many other non-profits.

I, for one, prefer Google to Yahoo, but for this, I think I can suffer the difference.

If you like Goodsearch, take a second to tell a friend, update your status, or post on your journal.

Because really... why not do it?

Jan. 4th, 2010

red glove


Late last night I got an email from one of the agents with my partial (the first three chapters). He liked the sample and wanted to see the rest. I sent it immediately, and also let him know that I had a few other agents reading and that I would notify him if anything came up. He wrote back this afternoon to ask that I keep him in the loop, and say that he planned to get to it pretty quickly, probably in the next night or so....THE NEXT NIGHT OR SO!!!!!

I've become so accustomed to waiting months to hear back that now I'm all flustered.

Granted, I could just hear back with an R in a couple days.

Or... if he likes it.... I could have an offer in a couple days. Which would mean emailing all the other agents reading my ms, and giving them the chance to make a counter offer.

So all in all, in a few days time, I could be right back where I started, or the long agent hunt could be at it's end.

SQUEEEEEEE!!! See... it's a little squee, so it looks less like I'm getting my hopes up.

Dec. 31st, 2009

red glove

Here it is....

The Obligitory End of the Year Post.

So... I know it's been ages since I've posted, though I confess I rarely go a day without checking my lj friends page. I'm sorry if I never comment, but I am still keeping up with you all.

For me, 2009 was a year of monumental changes...

*I graduated college (though exciting, leaving those friends was the hardest thing I've ever had to do).
*I finished my first original novel (YAYAYAYAYAYAY!)
*With the finishing of said novel, I decided that as much as I love theatre (which is alot), writing is now the end all and be all for me. There's no other road, I'm afraid. It's publication or bust!
*I started submitting my novel to literary agents. This was both incredibly empowering and vastly devastating. In the beginning, every good reaction was like winning a marathon and every rejection was like losing a limb. I like to think I've now moved to that point where I can really think of writing as a business. For those looking for an update, my MS is currently out with 6 agents (2 fulls and 4 partials). One of those fulls and one of those partials were upgrades where the agent read the first few chapters and requested more, which is always exciting. In all, I've garnered 10 partial requests, 5 full requests, 33 rejections based on my query letter, 6 rejections based on a partial, and 3 rejections based on a full. It's a long, long, LONG, slow, slow, SLOW process... but I'm doing it. And that's what matters, right?
*I moved over 1600 miles from my small Texas hometown to Phildelphia, PA. Like I said.... MONUMENTAL CHANGES.
*I got an apprenticeship working in a theatre-- it's about 70 hours a week of the some of the most exciting, terrible, rewarding, dirty, stressful, and amazing things I've ever done. I spend every waking moment wishing for the end (so I can have some free time) and yet marveling at how much I've learned and how much I love it.

All in all, this was the year of taking leaps-- some felt more like falling than flying-- though miraculously, I seem to have landed on my feet. So, here's to hoping 2010 is the year when I hit my stride, and all the risks and hard work pay off-- cheers!

Happy New Year!

Oct. 26th, 2009

red glove

Potter in PA!


A group in Elkins Park, PA (just twenty minutes outside of Philadelphia) recreated Diagon Alley for Halloween. I'm fuh-REAKING out!!!!!!

Totally going on Halloween.


Anyone else in the northeast want to /plan on going?

Learn more here.

EDIT: Also... the Penn Museum in Philly has a yearly Harry Potter day.

I love this state. LOVE.

Read about this too!

Oct. 18th, 2009

red glove

Feels a little.....


I just went on my first real date in like.... four years.

Pretty ridiculous considering, I'm young and should go out often, but honestly-- I was too busy in college. I dated a few guys in college, but they were either good friends and we never really did the whole date thing or they were losers whose idea of a date was buying me a drink at the local bar or taking me out for coffee (I don't drink coffee).

So I went on my first "first date" in quite a while and the first one in Philadelphia, and it wasn't bad. Dinner was nice, and he took me to the haunted house at the Eastern State Penitentiary afterward, which made for some good laughs.

All in all... not too bad.

Not head over heels or anything....

But not too bad.

Sep. 14th, 2009

red glove

Exciting Times!

So... it's been two weeks since I moved all the way from Texas to Philadelphia, PA...

And I'm loving it!

The city and the people and just everything are wonderful. I'm also right the beginning of the second week of my theatre apprenticeship! It's alot of work, and things aren't even really underway yet. Our weekly hours can span anywhere from 45 to 85 hours a week, depending on what we're working on... which means lots of exhaustion and very little writing. But I'm learning so much and making so many connections that for the first time (maybe ever) I'm not scared about my future.

More exciting things... The agent-hunt for my book is looking up! At the end of last week, two agents asked for a partial of my manuscript. One of them asked for a two week exclusive, and since two weeks isn't that much time (and she was the better agent of the two), I granted the request. There are now ten days left. I informed the other agent that I was excited about her interest, and would send her the manuscript at the end of the exclusive period.

Then today... ANOTHER agent emailed and asked for my FULL manuscript based solely on my query! Again, I had to tell her that it wasn't available at the moment, but now I'm totally stressing out. I love this agent. Like.... really love her. It's been almost a month since I e-queried her, so I'd kind of assumed it was a rejection. Now, I'm worried about all this exclusive business because I REALLY want this agent to read my book, but at the same time, should the agent with the exclusive on my partial want to see my full, she'll probably want to continue to read it on an exclusive basis. And while that would be wonderful, I'd hate it if I eventually signed with that agent, without ever letting this other interested agent see my work.


I've sent an email to another agent asking for his advice. He was the first agent to request my partial, and though he rejected it, he was very helpful, and runs a blog where he answers writers questions. So, I'm hoping he'll know someway to respectfully and professionally enable both agents to read my full without burning any bridges.

Of course, I'm getting a little ahead of myself. The agent with the exclusive may not be interested in the full, and it could be a total non-issue.

But I'm still stressing. And either way... I'll know in ten days or less. Which means I have very little time to make sure everything is in order and do final read-thrus and edits (especially considering I work about 60-ish hours this week).

Huzzah for stress!

(Also... I just finished Crashed, the sequel to Skinned, by Robin Wasserman. A great read, and a series I definately recommend! If you're looking for romance-focused books, they probably aren't for you. But if you like great plot, with just a sprinkling of romance-- add them to your reading list!)

Aug. 21st, 2009

red glove


So.... today I stumbled across something wonderful.
kryptiq  apparently made some fanart for We Happy Few.... some AMAZING fan-art.

I'm so glad I stumbled across it, and can't believe she didn't tell me so that I could brag all over the place. They are undeniably two of my favorite scenes (When Hermione pulls Draco into the pool and the scene that follows in Draco's bathroom).

See them here and here

I love them both. SO SO SO much. And I hope you all love them too... and give her lots of love. Thank you a thousand, million, ba-jillion times. :)

Aug. 20th, 2009

red glove

This is me... bummed out.

So.... I'm working on my novel, doing some editing after getting some feedback from a friend, when I noticed something. I have my book saved in so many freaking files-- some that are the whole book, the first half, first few chapters, etc etc. You get the point. And so sometimes... when I edit something... I edit it in the wrong file... not the permanent one. And I'm looking at the 30 page partial I sent and I notice an error that I SWEAR I corrected a long time ago. Turns out... I corrected it in a file that was not my permanent one.

All this to say... I sent off my partial with an error-- not a huge one, but not a minor typo either. I use a character's name  in narration about a page before you actually find out his name.


I'm trying not to be really upset about it... this is a learning experience afterall, and I'll get better as I go along... but UGH.

Aug. 19th, 2009

red glove

This is me.... FREAKING OUT!!!!

I just got my first request for a partial from a literary agent!!!

I sent a query at around 4:45 p.m. to Nathan Bransford of Curtis Brown, Ltd, and at 4:51 p.m. received a request for the first thirty pages.


Now I'm obsessively checking over the first thirty pages to make sure everything is formatted/written perfectly.... obsessobsessobsess....

That's all.


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